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Understanding Florida CEU Courses

All Florida licensees need a total of 24 hours per biennium to renew an active license. As part of those 24 hours, you need to complete a minimum of the following:

  • Medical Errors - 2 hours
  • HIV Update - 1 hour
  • Florida Laws & Rules of the Board - 1 hour
  • Management Supervision, Safety, QA QC - 1 hour
    Mandatory only for those with a license starting with 'SU', 'DI', 'PHSU', or 'PHDI'
  • Microbiology, Serology, Hematology, Chemistry, Immunohematology, Molecular Pathology, Histology, Cytology, Cytogenetics, etc. - 1 hour.
    You need to complete one hour in each of the lab areas that you hold a license in.

Once these requirements are fulfilled, you can complete the balance of your 24 hours in any subject area of interest, even if you are not licensed in that area.

Need additional help?
  1. Click Here to check the records at the Florida Board to confirm what areas you hold a license in.
  2. Click Here to download a printable Checklist to help manage your Florida license requirements.
Florida Board of Clinical Lab Personnel (BCLP)

There are several ways to contact the BCLP:

  • BCLP Webpage Help Center:
  • General Call Center: 850-488-0595 M-F 8a-6p.
  • Board Office: 850-245-4355 M-F 8a-5p.
  • Board Fax: 850-922-8876.
  • General Mailing Address:
    Department of Health, Board of Clinical Lab Personnel
    4052 Bald Cypress Way, Bin C-07
    Tallahassee, FL 32399-3258
  • Mailing Address for Applications & Fees ONLY:
    Department of Health, Board of Clinical Lab Personnel
    PO Box 6330
    Tallahassee, FL 32314-6330

Helpful Board of Clinical Lab Personnel (BCLP) Website Links:

Yes, that is true. Changes starting with the license cycle ending August 31, 2016 mandate that you have ALL of your CEUs completed AND reported to CE Broker before you can renew your laboratory license.

PLEASE NOTE: You MUST plan to complete your ONLINE courses by August 20, 2024 and HOMESTUDY courses by August 1, 2024, which allows time to report to CE Broker and resolve any issues should they arise.
Renewing Your Florida License

Starting with the license cycle ending on August 31, 2016, there are BIG changes when renewing your Florida Laboratory License, including the following.

  • ALL Licensees will be audited by the Florida BCLP when attempting to renew their Laboratory license.
  • ALL courses MUST be reported to CE Broker prior to attempting to renew. Continuing Education Unlimited does report your courses to CE Broker; however, you must allow at least 24 hours for those courses to populate CE Broker and become available for the Florida BCLP to see.
  • If you are deficient in any category or contact hours, you will NOT be able to renew your license.
    Reasons: You have not fulfilled your 24 hours, you are missing a category, or your hours have not been reported or populated into CE Broker yet.
  • Everyone MUST create a new profile online at if you have not done so already. Registration is a one-time process that takes approximately 5-10 minutes. Once that profile is created and you have all of your courses in CE Broker, you may renew your license.

Below is a list of links that may help you with the new renewal process.

  • Are You Renewal Ready
    This site assists you with understanding the steps involved in the new renewal process.
  • Main Website for Renewal Information
    This site provides a thorough resource for relating to the general renewal process.
  • Free Online Webinars
    This webpage allows you to register to attend an online webinar to learn more about either the New Online Registration Process or How the Department will review continuing education records at the time of license renewal. Webinars are scheduled for both July and August 2016, so you can select your dates.
  • Licensing for Military Members and Spouses
    The Department offers several licensure support services to qualified military families and veterans.
  • Overview of MQA Online Services Portal
    Learn more about the new online MQA portal.
  • Registering a New Profile Online
    Start creating a new profile in the MQA portal.
CE Broker

When completed online, courses are immediately reported electronically to CE Broker upon completion of a course in our system.

CE Broker

As part of our service to Florida licensees, Continuing Education Unlimited automatically reports to CE Broker, however, we MUST have an accurate license number on file prior to course completion.

Reporting times vary by course format type as follows.

    • Courses completed online are reported immediately to CE Broker.
    • It may take up to 24 hours after we send the report for the course completion to become visible in your CE Broker account.
    • When mailing your answer sheets, you MUST allow 2-3 weeks for your answer sheets to be processed and entered into CE Broker; allowing for mailing time variations and manual grading.
    • When faxing answer sheets, please allow 5 business days for those answer sheets to be processed and entered into CE Broker.

NOTE: If you do not see your courses in CE BROKER within the timeframes above, please contact our office at 561-775-4944 or

There are several reasons why your courses may not be appearing in CE Broker, including the following.

  • There was no Florida license number entered when you created your profile.
  • The wrong Florida license number is listed in your profile.
  • You do not have the prefixes listed in front of your license number (TC, TN, SU, DI or PHTC, PHTN, PHSU, PHDI)
  • The Florida license number was added, edited, or updated AFTER the CE Broker report has been sent.
    NOTE: You MUST notify our office if you edit your license number after completion of your general CEUs. The only exception is if you update your license number to Supervisor immediately after they issue the upgrade.
  • You were issued a new Florida license number after applying, but you did not return to your profile to add that number.
  • You were issued a Florida Supervisor or Director upgrade, but you did not return to your profile to update your license number.
  • There is a technical error in CE Broker - although less likely, occasionally it does happen. If you feel there is an error, please contact our office and we will work on your behalf to resolve the problem.

Typically there only a few reasons why this would happen, including the following.

  • Your CEU hours have not been reported to CE Broker yet - please review the reasons in the FAQ directly above.
  • You have not completed CEU's in ALL required areas or areas that you hold a license in.
    Click Here to check the records at the Florida Board to see what areas you hold a license in. Make sure that you have completed CEUs in all those areas, plus Medical Errors, HIV, and Laws & Rules.
  • You were lacking hours during the previous license cycle and the courses you completed were applied to those missing hours. (CE Broker would need to confirm that this is the reason.) If this is the case, you would need to take additional hours to comply with the missing current license cycle requirements.
  • You were issued a Florida Supervisor or Director upgrade (in a previous license cycle), but you did not complete any contact hours in the category Management/Supervision/Safety/QAQC.

There are several ways to contact CE Broker or to get information.

No, you are not required get a paid subscription with CE Broker. Continuing Education Unlimited reports to CE Broker regardless of whether you have a CE Broker subscription or not.

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