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Human Trafficking Overview
Author:Deborah L. Buckley, MBA, MT(ASCP)
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Last Reviewed:07/01/2021
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Human Trafficking is the equivalent of modern day slavery and although it's illegal in the United States it does still occur. In this course you will learn about the victims and the traffickers, as well as the three main types of human trafficking that occur. Understanding the signs of human trafficking, how to report it, and getting the victims the social resources that they need is critical and time sensitive.

At the completion of this course the reader will be able to:

  1. Recall what Human Trafficking is, discussing who are the victims and who are the traffickers.
  2. Discuss the scope of Human Trafficking both globally and in the United States.
  3. List the types of Human Trafficking.
  4. List the general and physical signs that indicate human trafficking.
  5. Discuss how to find the social services available for Human Trafficking.
  6. Recall how to report suspected Human Trafficking.
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