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11 Hour HIV-AIDS ReviewMicrobiology/Mycology/Parasitology1.0
21 Hour HIV-AIDS UpdateHIV/AIDS1.0
33 Hour HIV-AIDS ReviewMicrobiology/Mycology/Parasitology3.0
4A Short Review of ImmunohistochemistryImmunohistochemistry/Advanced Histo Techniques2.0
5Ancillary Techniques in the Histopathologic Diagnosis of Cervical SIL & GILImmunohistochemistry/Advanced Histo Techniques3.0
6Antibiotic Resistance: Review of Serious ThreatsMicrobiology/Mycology/Parasitology2.0
7Antigen Retrieval for Light & Electron MicroscopyImmunohistochemistry/Advanced Histo Techniques3.0
8Artifacts in Histopathology: A Potential Cause of MisinterpretationHistology2.0
9Assay Validations: Make Sure You Do It Right The First TimeSupervision/Administration, QC/QA, and Safety1.0
10Basic Quality Control ReviewSupervision/Administration, QC/QA, and Safety1.0
11Basics of Breast CytologyCytology2.5
12BBP SERIES: Basic Review of the PathogensSafety2.0
13BBP SERIES: Communication Hazards & RecordkeepingSafety2.0
14BBP SERIES: Exposure Control PlanSafety4.0
15BBP SERIES: HBV Vaccination and Post-Exposure ProceduresSafety2.0
16BBP SERIES: HIV and HBV Research Labs and Production FacilitiesSafety1.0
17BBP SERIES: Personal Protective EquipmentSafety1.0
18Biological Safety CabinetsSafety4.0
19Bioterrorism: A Worldwide ThreatMicrobiology/Mycology/Parasitology2.0
20Bleeding Disorders Associated with Abnormal PlateletsHematology1.5
21Blood Component Processing, Storage, Special Preparation, and LabellingBlood Banking1.0
22Blood SafetyImmunohematology2.0
23Body Fluid Effusions: Identifying Benign vs Malignant CellsCytology3.0
24BRCA MutationsCytogenetics4.0
25Calcium, Phosphate, and Magnesium DisordersClinical Chemistry/UA/Toxicology3.0
26CASE REPORT: 3rd Trimester Placental Pathology in COVID Positive WomenImmunohistochemistry/Advanced Histo Techniques3.0
27CASE REPORT: Cytogenetic & Genomic Analysis of a Turner Syndrome PatientCytogenetics2.0
28CASE REPORT: Postpartum Acute Fatty Liver of PregnancyClinical Chemistry/UA/Toxicology2.0
29CASE REPORT: Postpartum TTPHematology2.0
30Case Studies in Cytogenetics-21Cytogenetics2.5
31Case Studies in Cytology-19Cytology1.0
32Case Studies in HematologyHematology2.0
33CASE STUDY: Alloantibody Causing Blood Type Conflict in Pregnant FemaleImmunohematology1.0
34CASE STUDY: New AML with Complex KaryotypeCytogenetics2.0
35Classification and Diagnosis of DiabetesClinical Chemistry/UA/Toxicology2.0
36CLIA: A Brief OverviewSupervision/Administration, QC/QA, and Safety1.0
37Comparison Between Two Liquid-Based Brush Biopsy MethodsCytology2.0
38Contact Pathway of Coagulation and InflammationHematology2.0
39Coronavirus Disease: COVID-19Microbiology/Mycology/Parasitology3.0
40CPR Skills ReviewSafety2.0
41Detection Systems in ImmunohistochemistryImmunohistochemistry/Advanced Histo Techniques3.0
42Diagnosing Endemic Mycoses By Molecular MethodsMolecular Pathology1.0
43Double Aneuploidy in Down SyndromeCytogenetics3.0
44Electron Microscopy of Liver BiopsiesImmunohistochemistry/Advanced Histo Techniques4.0
45Employee Files: Don't Get Lost in the PaperworkSupervision/Administration, QC/QA, and Safety1.0
46Estrogen and Cancer: Understanding Estrogen ReceptorsHistology1.5
47Ethics in Laboratory MedicineMedical Ethics1.0
48Factor XIII ReviewHematology2.0
49FISH: An Increasingly Demanded ToolCytogenetics2.0
50Florida Laboratory Laws & RulesLaws and Rules of the Board1.0
51Gender and LGBTQ+ Terminology ReviewGeneral1.0
52Genetic Testing: A Basic ReviewMolecular Pathology2.0
53Gross & Histopathology of COVID-19 Autopsy SpecimensHistology2.0
54Hand HygieneSafety2.5
55Heparin Induced ThrombocytopeniaHematology2.0
56Histological Changes of the Placenta in DiabetesHistology1.5
57Histological Stains: A Literature Review and Case StudyHistology1.0
58Histology MicrotechniquesHistology2.0
59Histology of Normal TissuesHistology3.5
60Histology of the Human PlacentaHistology2.0
61Histology Stains: A Historical ReviewHistology2.0
62Histopathology of Wilson DiseaseHistology3.0
63Human Blastocyst Formation and DevelopmentEmbryology2.0
64Human Blood Composition: Review of Cellular ComponentsGeneral2.0
65Human Trafficking OverviewGeneral1.0
66HyperkalemiaClinical Chemistry/UA/Toxicology2.0
67HyponatremiaClinical Chemistry/UA/Toxicology2.0
68Immune Principles of VaccinationSerology/Immunology1.5
69Immunoglobulin Review - PART I: Immunoglobulin StructureSerology/Immunology1.0
70Immunoglobulin Review - PART II: Immunoglobulin Types & UsesSerology/Immunology3.0
71Immunohistochemistry for Chronic Hepatitis DiagnosisImmunohistochemistry/Advanced Histo Techniques1.0
72Immunohistochemistry in Breast PathologyImmunohistochemistry/Advanced Histo Techniques2.0
73Immunohistochemistry in Cervical CancerImmunohistochemistry/Advanced Histo Techniques1.0
74Impairment in the WorkplaceGeneral2.0
75Infectious Complications Caused by PhlebotomyPhlebotomy / General2.5
76Introduction to Basic ImmunologySerology/Immunology2.0
77Introduction to Immunology and ImmunopathologySerology/Immunology2.0
78Laboratory Testing Phases and Their Associated Errors General1.0
79Latex Allergy in HealthcareSafety1.0
80Male Accessory Glands and Sperm FunctionAndrology1.5
81Mass Spectrometry and Its Role in Clinical DiagnosticsClinical Chemistry/UA/Toxicology1.0
82Medical Errors and the LaboratoryMedical Errors2.0
83Mesothelioma: Overview of Technical, Immunochemical and Pathomorphological AspectsImmunohistochemistry/Advanced Histo Techniques1.0
84Microbiology of Ventilator Associated PneumoniaMicrobiology/Mycology/Parasitology2.5
85Microwave Assisted Tissue PreparationHistology1.0
86Mini Reviews in Immunohemtology-19Immunohematology1.0
87Mohs Surgery OverviewHistology2.0
88Monkeypox: A Detailed ReviewMicrobiology/Mycology/Parasitology1.5
89Morphological Markers in Chromosomal InstabilityCytogenetics1.0
90Myelodysplastic Syndrome ReviewHematology1.0
91Nasal Cytology in Children Cytology1.0
92Nocardiosis: Clinical and Pathological AspectsMicrobiology/Mycology/Parasitology2.0
93Overview of Pediatric HematologyHematology1.5
94Pathology of Breast DiseasesHistology3.0
95Patient Injuries Caused by PhlebotomyPhlebotomy / General2.5
96PCR and Infectious DiseasesMolecular Pathology1.0
97Platelets: A Basic ReviewHematology1.0
98Potassium Regulation and DisordersClinical Chemistry/UA/Toxicology1.5
99Preanalytical Errors in Specimen CollectionPhlebotomy / General3.0
100Principles of the Liver Biopsy ProcedureHistology1.0
101Proficiency Testing: FAQ BasicsSupervision/Administration, QC/QA, and Safety2.0
102Regulatory Concern of PCR Carryover ContaminationMolecular Pathology1.0
103Respirator ReviewSafety1.0
104Review of Benzene and the Hematological SystemHematology1.0
105Review of Normal WBCsCytology2.0
106Risks, Complications, and Reactions Associated with TransfusionsBlood Banking1.0
107RNA & DNA: A Basic ReviewMolecular Pathology2.5
108Sexually Transmitted DiseasesMicrobiology/Mycology/Parasitology3.0
109Specimen Collection: A Basic ReviewPhlebotomy / General2.0
110Stem Cell BasicsHematology2.0
111The Role of Technical QC in Histology LaboratoriesHistology1.0
112The Steroid Hormone CascadeClinical Chemistry/UA/Toxicology2.0
113Thyroid Hormone Excess: Grave's DiseaseClinical Chemistry/UA/Toxicology3.0
114Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis and Stevens-Johnson SyndromeSerology/Immunology2.0
115Transfusion Transmitted InfectionsBlood Banking1.0
116Umbilical Cord Blood Collection & BankingImmunohematology1.0
  Blood Banking1.0
117Understanding AngiogenesisHistology1.0
118Understanding Components of the CBCHematology4.0
119Understanding Hemostasis and Basic Coagulation TestingHematology1.5
120Understanding HIPAAMedical Ethics1.0
  Supervision/Administration, QC/QA, and Safety2.0
121Understanding SepsisMicrobiology/Mycology/Parasitology2.0
122Understanding the ABCs of the Immune SystemSerology/Immunology2.5
123Unusual Cancers of Childhood - PART IHistology2.0
124Unusual Cancers of Childhood - PART IIHistology4.0
125Urine Collection Methods: A Basic ReviewClinical Chemistry/UA/Toxicology2.0
126Use of Nasal Cytology in Sinonasal DisordersCytology2.0
127Use of Nucleic Acid Testing in Molecular DiagnosticsMolecular Pathology2.0
128Vaccines: A Basic ReviewSerology/Immunology2.0
129Vaccines: COVID-19 Vaccine ReviewSerology/Immunology3.5
130Vaccines: FDA's Oversight RoleSerology/Immunology2.0
131Western Blot: A Valuable ImmunoassaySerology/Immunology3.0
132What Is A GenomeMolecular Pathology2.0
133X and Y Chromosome: A Basic ReviewCytogenetics1.0
134Zika Virus: Update and OverviewMicrobiology/Mycology/Parasitology1.0
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