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Tennessee 45 Hr. Supervisor Upgrade - 4th Ed. Text
Category:Tennessee Supervisor Upgrade
ASCLS P.A.C.E.® #:511-180-23
Expiration Date:12/31/2024
Quiz Questions:172


  • This is the 4th Edition Textbook, NEW in Nov. 2020.
  • The complete course INCLUDES both the textbook and the online quiz. When you order the full course for $150 + tax & SH, you will be mailed a textbook and a quiz booklet. Once you're done with the quiz booklet, you will return to the online quiz to enter your answers.
  • If you have the textbook, you may order the online quiz only for $55

Total Chapters Reviewed: 1 through 19
Content Pages to Review: 505

This course provides 45 hours in management/supervision and is for Tennessee Supervisor Upgrades ONLY.

PLEASE NOTE: The reading material is a textbook and MUST BE MAILED, while the quiz will be completed online.

Chapters Reviewed:

  1. Quality Management in the Medical Laboratory
  2. Organizational Structure: A Look at Concepts and Models
  3. Principles of Leadership : Historical, Current, and Future Perspectives
  4. Management Functions
  5. Managerial Decision Making and Process Improvement
  6. Human Resource Guidelines and Regulations
  7. Job Analysis, Work Descriptions, and Work Groups
  8. Performance Evaluation and Development
  9. Education and Training: Practical Tips for Educators and Trainers
  10. Fundamentals of Financial Management
  11. Cost / Benefit Analysis
  12. Effective Budgeting in the Laboratory: Practical Tips
  13. The Cost of Quality
  14. Healthcare Reimbursement
  15. Compliance Issues - The Regulations
  16. Laboratory Safety
  17. Process Designs - Workflow and Staffing
  18. Laboratory Information Systems
  19. Marketing Concepts

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