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Specimen Collection: A Basic Review
Profession:Certified Nursing Assistant
Category:Specimen Collection
Author:Donald Dunbar, PBT(ASCP)
CE Broker #:20-564855
Last Reviewed:11/01/2021
Quiz Questions:13

Review the Basics of Blood Collection, Including: Patient Identification, Order of Draw, Proper Labeling, Blood Culture Collection, Venipuncture Collection, and Capillary Specimen Collection.

At the completion of this course the reader will be able to:

  1. List patient identification procedures.
  2. Discuss the order of draw and its significance.
  3. Describe proper labeling techniques.
  4. Describe the proper technique for blood culture collection.
  5. Discuss venipuncture collection, equipment used, selecting a draw site, and specimens with special requirements.
  6. List the steps for capillary blood collection, select the proper sites to use, and discuss the helpful tips for capillary puncture.
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