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BRCA Mutations
Author:Deborah L. Buckley, MBA, MT(ASCP)
ASCLS P.A.C.E.® #:511-655-21
CE Broker #:20-322723
Last Reviewed:02/01/2022
Quiz Questions:25
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This Intermediate Level course takes a look at the BRCA genes and their possible mutations, taking into consideration statistics and susceptibility models for predicting future risk. A family's test results are presented, along with interpretation and possible result outcomes. Prevention strategies are discussed, along with alternative options and lifestyle changes.

At the completion of this course the reader will be able to:

  1. Define common genetic terminology.
  2. Describe the function of the BRCA gene.
  3. Recall who's at risk for carrying the BRCA mutation.
  4. Recall BRCA1 specific information as it relates to the gene itself.
  5. Recall BRCA2 specific information as it relates to the gene itself.
  6. Evaluate statistical information as relates to BRCA mutation carriers and their probability of certain cancers.
  7. Assess the various susceptibility models for breast cancer risk and compare their usefulness in different patient situations.
  8. List the patient information that is assessed in the Gail model risk assessment calculator.
  9. List the specimen types that are acceptable for BRCA testing.
  10. Compare the test panels available for BRCA detection and recall when each is appropriate to use.
  11. Discuss the test performance characteristics, including specificity, sensitivity, accuracy, and limitations.
  12. List the six possible results that a patient could receive on the their report and recall the meaning of each.
  13. Interpret patient lab results.
  14. Outline all the cancer risk prevention strategies available to BRCA mutation carriers and describe how the prevention strategy would lower risk.
  15. Discuss the different alternative options and lifestyle changes available for cancer risk reduction.
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