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Blood Component Processing, Storage, Special Preparation, and Labelling
Category:Blood Banking
Author:Pamela F. Inglish, MT(ASCP)SBB
ASCLS P.A.C.E.® #:511-019-21
CE Broker #:20-596376
Last Reviewed:07/01/2021
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This course takes a look at how various blood components are processed at a donor facility. It reviews the various anticoagulants and their shelf life, standard collection bag configuration, preparation and storage of various components, biochemical changes that occur over time during storage, and the minimum labeling requirements. It also takes a look at AABB requirements and regulations.

At the completion of this course the reader will be able to:

  1. State the benefits of component therapy versus administration of whole blood.
  2. List various anticoagulant/preservative solutions commonly in use today and the respective shelf life of the red cell products collected therein.
  3. Describe the features of the standard collection bag configuration that maximizes component preparation and shelf life.
  4. Discuss how differential centrifugation is applied to the preparation of blood components.
  5. Briefly describe the methods of preparation and characteristics of various blood components, including storage requirements and shelf life/expiration date.
  6. Discuss the biochemical changes that occur during storage of various blood components.
  7. Describe the AABB requirements, including quality control regulations, for refrigeration, freezer, and room temperature storage equipment for various blood components.
  8. Define the minimum labeling requirements of blood components.
  9. Briefly describe the method and reasons for irradiation of blood components to include change in expiration date, if applicable.
  10. Briefly describe special component processing or treatment methods that may be needed, based on special requirements of the recipient.
  11. Briefly describe various plasma derivative products available for clinical use.
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