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Florida Laboratory Combo-21 - PRINTED BOOK ONLY
Category:Florida Lab Combos
Expiration Date:07/01/2025


  • All books are shipped from a center in the Philadelphia area.
  • Order this book alone or pair with the "Online Quiz Only" or "Answer Sheet Only" options by clicking on the Florida Laboratory Combo-21 PARTS I & II in the Browse Courses list, then select your quiz option at the bottom of the page.
  • Printed books will ship without the 3-ring binder due to previous problems with binders being damaged during shipping. Printed material fits in a 1 to 1.5 inch binder.


  1. This item takes the place of the previous Home Study Complete format and allows you to choose your quiz option.
  2. You are purchasing a PRINTED BOOK ONLY, which has BOTH PARTS I & II of the Florida Laboratory Combo-21.
  3. This is a perfect option if you prefer to have printed material in front of you while completing your quiz.
  4. This book does not have any associated contact hours, but can be paired with the "Online Quiz Only" or "Answer Sheet Only" options.
  5. Books are printed in Black and White on 3-hole punch paper, suitable to be placed in a 1.5 inch binder.

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Book printed in Black & White on 3 hole punch paper
Mailed WITHOUT the 3 ring binder (uses 1.5 inch binder)
Mailed via the US Post Office
Purchase the book alone OR pair it with an Online Quiz or Answer Sheet
Online Quiz Only and Answer Sheet Only options are added separately from the course list
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