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CEUINC Price Match Set up a continuing education account with 4CEUINC and receive exceptional savings for your employees. By setting up an educational account, your facility will receive a unique ID number which entitles your staff to cost savings on their educational needs. Savings can range anywhere from $5 to $30 per person off the original product pricing depending on the package chosen.

If you'd like us to price match an existing product your facility has, give us a call at 888-423-8462 and ask for Debbie. You may also email her at

What You Need to Get Started

  • Educational Coordinator or facility representative
  • Minimum of 5 techs participating in the educational program

Educational Coordinator Responsibilities

  • Acting liaison between CEUINC and the facility/lab staff
  • Distributes appropriate enrollment information to staff at the beginning of each new course cycle.
  • Places the order for the facility as a group.
  • Distributes course materials to participants once the order is fulfilled (Home Study formats).
  • Alerts staff of any changes and updates to the program as notified by CEUINC.

Unique ID Number

The unique ID number assigned is referred to as a "Site Number". The site number assigned to your facility is unique to your location and is used for two reasons:

  • As a location identifier
  • As a discount identifier for your employees. It is extremely important that you use this site number on ALL correspondence with our office.

How To Become A Site

You can obtain a unique site number and receive special pricing by clicking the button below, then filling out and faxing the attached form. You may also set up a call back appointment on our home page (by clicking the large green circle in the upper right corner of the page) and we will call you at your convenience to answer any questions that you may have.

Is There A Cost To Register?

CEUINC Price MatchThere is no initial cost to sign up for a site number. The only costs incurred are for the educational materials that you choose for your staff. Any cost of educational materials is always at a discounted price when you use your Site Number.

We offer multiple packages to choose from, so costs vary according to the package and the format you choose, as well as the number of users.


We know that every facility doesn't have a budget for continuing education, so we allow you to choose whether the facility will pay for your staff's education or whether you would like your staff to pay directly. Even if you choose to have the staff pay directly, they still get to enjoy the cost savings extended to your group.

If your facility chooses to pay for the education, we accept purchase orders, credit cards, or checks. We'll also work with you on invoicing if you need to be billed over several months.

How Are We Different?

We know there are other educational programs to choose from, so here's how we differ:

  • Why pay every year? When we put our new course titles out, we offer a 2 year cycle for group access to our Comprehensive Online Package. This saves you from having to get approval every year for your educational budget.
  • We allow facility payment OR employee payment.
  • We offer multiple format options for our Combination Courses (Home Study, Online, and Quiz Only options). You choose the format that works best for your group or you can mix and match formats according to your staff. We'll work with your needs and your budget!
  • We offer a variety of learning types, including custom written courses, scientific articles, video, textbooks, etc. Our courses consist of case studies, reviews, current topics, articles, and more.
  • Manage your group through a manager panel that gives you complete access over managing your employee list, ordering, pulling reports, and more.
  • We price match online course packages.

Have questions? Call us at 888-423-8462 or email Debbie at

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