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Course Title Contact Hrs.Alerts
1Laboratory Subscription241.5
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Course Title Contact Hrs.Alerts
2Florida Histology Combo-19 - PARTS I & II24.5
3Florida Histology Combo-19 PART II12
4Florida Histology Combo-21 - PARTS I & II24
5Florida Histology Combo-21 PART I12
6Florida Histology Combo-21 PART II12
7Florida Laboratory Combo-19 PART I12.5
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Course Title Contact Hrs.Alerts
8Florida Cytology Combo-1912.5
9Florida Cytology Combo-2114
10Florida Laboratory Combo-19 - PARTS I & II24.5
11Florida Laboratory Combo-19 PART I12.5
12Florida Laboratory Combo-19 PART II12
13Florida Laboratory Combo-21 - PARTS I & II24
14Florida Laboratory Combo-21 - PRINTED BOOK ONLY
15Florida Laboratory Combo-21 PART I12
16Florida Laboratory Combo-21 PART II12
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Course Title Contact Hrs.Alerts
17- Florida First Renewal Package3
18- Florida Initial Licensure Package1
19- Florida Mandatory Renewal Package4
201 Hour HIV-AIDS Update1
213 Hour HIV-AIDS Review3
22Florida Laws & Rules of the Board1
23Prevention of Medical Errors in Healthcare2
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Course Title Contact Hrs.Alerts
24Florida Histology Supervisor Upgrade - 4th Ed.Text48
25Florida Supervisor Upgrade - 4th Ed.Text25
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Course Title Contact Hrs.Alerts
26Histology Combo-19 - PARTS I & II24.5
27Histology Combo-19 - PART II12
28Laboratory Combo-19 PART I12.5
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Course Title Contact Hrs.Alerts
29Laboratory Combo-19 - PARTS I & II24.5
30Laboratory Combo-19 PART I12.5
31Laboratory Combo-19 PART II12.5
32Laboratory Combo-21 - PARTS I & II24
33Laboratory Combo-21 - PRINTED BOOK ONLYN/A
34Laboratory Combo-21 PART I12
35Laboratory Combo-21 PART II12
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Course Title Contact Hrs.Alerts
3614 Hour Phlebotomy Combo-1714
376 Hour Phlebotomy Combo-176
386 Hour Phlebotomy Combo-196
399 Hour Phlebotomy Combo-179
409 Hour Phlebotomy Combo-199
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Course Title Contact Hrs.Alerts
41Tennessee Supervisor Upgrade - 4th Ed.Text37
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BLOOD BANKING|Also See the Immunohematology Category
Course Title Contact Hrs.Alerts
42Blood Component Processing, Storage, Special Preparation, and Labelling2
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Course Title Contact Hrs.Alerts
43Calcium, Phosphate, and Magnesium Disorders3
44CASE REPORT: Postpartum Acute Fatty Liver of Pregnancy2
45Classification and Diagnosis of Diabetes2
48Mass Spectrometry and Its Role in Clinical Diagnostics1
49The Steroid Hormone Cascade2
50Thyroid Hormone Excess: Grave's Disease3
51Urine Collection Methods: A Basic Review2
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Course Title Contact Hrs.Alerts
52- 6 Hour Cytogenetics Package-196
53BRCA Mutations4
54CASE REPORT: Cytogenetic & Genomic Analysis of a Turner Syndrome Patient2
55CASE STUDY: New AML with Complex Karyotype2
56Double Aneuploidy in Down Syndrome3
57FISH: An Increasingly Demanded Tool2
58Morphological Markers in Chromosomal Instability1
59X and Y Chromosome: A Basic Review1
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Course Title Contact Hrs.Alerts
60Basics of Breast Cytology2.5
61Body Fluid Effusions: Identifying Benign vs Malignant Cells3
62Case Studies in Cytology-191
63Comparison Between Two Liquid-Based Brush Biopsy Methods2
64Nasal Cytology in Children1
65Review of Normal WBCs2
66Use of Nasal Cytology in Sinonasal Disorders2
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Course Title Contact Hrs.Alerts
67Human Trafficking Overview1
68Impairment in the Workplace2
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Course Title Contact Hrs.Alerts
69CASE REPORT: Postpartum TTP2
70Case Studies in Hematology2
71Contact Pathway of Coagulation and Inflammation2
72Factor XIII Review2
73Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia2
74Myelodysplastic Syndrome Review1
75Overview of Pediatric Hematology1.5
76Platelets: A Basic Review1
77Review of Benzene and the Hematological System1
78Stem Cell Basics2
79Understanding Components of the CBC4
80Understanding Hemostasis and Basic Coagulation Testing1.5
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HISTOLOGY|Also See the Immunohistochemistry Category
Course Title Contact Hrs.Alerts
81Artifacts in Histopathology: A Potential Cause of Misinterpretation2
82Estrogen and Cancer: Understanding Estrogen Receptors1.5
83Gross & Histopathology of COVID-19 Autopsy Specimens2
84Histological Changes of the Placenta in Diabetes1.5
85Histological Stains: A Literature Review and Case Study1
86Histology Microtechniques2
87Histology of Normal Tissues3.5
88Histology of the Human Placenta2
89Histology Stains: A Historical Review2
90Histopathology of Wilson Disease3
91Microwave Assisted Tissue Preparation1
92Mohs Surgery Overview2
93Pathology of Breast Diseases3
94Principles of the Liver Biopsy Procedure1
95The Role of Technical QC in Histology Laboratories1
96Understanding Angiogenesis1
97Unusual Cancers of Childhood - PART I2
98Unusual Cancers of Childhood - PART II4
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IMMUNOHEMATOLOGY|Also See the Blood Banking Category
Course Title Contact Hrs.Alerts
99Blood Safety2
100CASE STUDY: Alloantibody Causing Blood Type Conflict in Pregnant Female1
101Mini Reviews in Immunohemtology-191
102Risks, Complications, and Reactions Associated with Transfusions2
103Transfusion Transmitted Infections2
104Umbilical Cord Blood Collection & Banking2
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IMMUNOHISTOCHEMISTRY|Also See the Histology Category
Course Title Contact Hrs.Alerts
105A Short Review of Immunohistochemistry2
106Ancillary Techniques in the Histopathologic Diagnosis of Cervical SIL & GIL3
107Antigen Retrieval for Light & Electron Microscopy3
108CASE REPORT: 3rd Trimester Placental Pathology in COVID Positive Women3
109Detection Systems in Immunohistochemistry3
110Electron Microscopy of Liver Biopsies4
111Immunohistochemistry for Chronic Hepatitis Diagnosis1
112Immunohistochemistry in Breast Pathology2
113Immunohistochemistry in Cervical Cancer1
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Course Title Contact Hrs.Alerts
114Assay Validations: Make Sure You Do It Right The First Time1
115Basic Quality Control Review1
116CLIA: A Brief Overview1
117Employee Files: Don't Get Lost in the Paperwork1
118Proficiency Testing: FAQ Basics2
119Understanding HIPAA3
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Course Title Contact Hrs.Alerts
1201 Hour HIV-AIDS Review1
121Antibiotic Resistance: Review of Serious Threats2
122Bioterrorism: A Worldwide Threat2
123Coronavirus Disease: COVID-193
124Microbiology of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia2
125Nocardiosis: Clinical and Pathological Aspects2
126Sexually Transmitted Diseases3
127Understanding Sepsis2
128Zika Virus: Update and Overview1
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Course Title Contact Hrs.Alerts
129Genetic Testing: A Basic Review2
130PCR and Infectious Diseases1
131Regulatory Concern of PCR Carryover Contamination1
132RNA & DNA: A Basic Review2.5
133Use of Nucleic Acid Testing in Molecular Diagnostics2
134What Is A Genome2
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Course Title Contact Hrs.Alerts
135Human Blood Composition: Review of Cellular Components2
136Infectious Complications Caused by Phlebotomy2.5
137Laboratory Testing Phases and Their Associated Errors1
138Patient Injuries Caused by Phlebotomy2.5
139Preanalytical Errors in Specimen Collection3
140Specimen Collection: A Basic Review2
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Course Title Contact Hrs.Alerts
14112 Hour Bloodborne Pathogens Review12
142BBP SERIES: Basic Review of the Pathogens2
143BBP SERIES: Communication Hazards & Recordkeepking2
144BBP SERIES: Exposure Control Plan4
145BBP SERIES: HBV Vaccination and Post-Exposure Procedures2
146BBP SERIES: HIV and HBV Research Labs and Production Facilities1
147BBP SERIES: Personal Protective Equipment1
148Biological Safety Cabinets4
149Hand Hygiene2.5
150Latex Allergy in Healthcare1
151Respirator Review1
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Course Title Contact Hrs.Alerts
152Immune Principles of Vaccination1.5
153Immunoglobulin Review - PART I: Immunoglobulin Structure1
154Immunoglobulin Review - PART II: Immunoglobulin Types & Uses3
155Introduction to Basic Immunology2
156Introduction to Immunology and Immunopathology2
157Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis and Stevens-Johnson Syndrome2
158Understanding the ABCs of the Immune System2.5
159Vaccines: A Basic Review2
160Vaccines: COVID-19 Vaccine Review3.5
161Vaccines: FDA's Oversight Role2
162Western Blot: A Valuable Immunoassay3


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